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Monday, October 25, 2021

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“Aquafina” features Fetty Luciano of GS9 & Youngn Mh

Aside from “Aquafina,” Youngn had last year’s street single “Camera,” a thoroughly modern drill cut that paired a MeetTheConnect visual perfectly.



The artist is reportedly gearing up to release Still Adjusting, a body of work he is expected to release soon. As a way to keep fans entertained, the East New York emcee delivers “Aquafina,” which he does with Fetty Luciano, as the two Rappers proclaim they are fresh and “stay true” to the streets over KayGW’s drill samples: 

“I was thinkin’ ‘bout Patron, I was thinkin’ ‘bout Neimans, Mike Amiris ain’t basic, I can drip, Aquafina, used to trap out the basement, now it’s plays out the Beamer, niggas be on that gang shit, you can get hit with the nina, gangsta on the same shit, bro still got the heater, me I’m still in the same spot, and my six still readin’…” 

Youngn and Fetty take heavy mobs on the block in the accompanying clip for “Aquafina,” which was directed by Goddy Woddy & MeetTheConnect. While roads are rumbled by dirtbikes and four-wheelers, the street scenes seem to have been lifted of the pages of old Ruff Ryders videos. 

Youngn Mh explained his latest single’s meaning via his press release: 

“Fetty cheffed this one up as soon as he heard the beat. I already knew what the vibe was going to be. Fetty actually walked in while I was recording and immediately brought that raw energy.” 

Aside from “Aquafina,” Youngn had last year’s street single “Camera,” a thoroughly modern drill cut that paired a MeetTheConnect visual perfectly. Additionally, this past year has seen the rising star release a project’s worth of songs including “Santa,” “Facts,” “Another Summer,” and “Shine,” all of which came to fruition during the so-called quarantine period. 

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