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Monday, October 25, 2021

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Nas restores the original 1993 freestyle “Life Is Like A Dice Game”



The 1993 Illmatic sessions included a freestyle by Nas called “Life Is Like A Dice Game”. In the end, the freestyle was eerily prescient, saying “When I finish the shit, its going to be a hit” but he did not complete the song anytime soon thereafter. The rap veteran dusts off the recording, adds verses by Cordae and Freddie Gibbs, and produces it himself. He releases it via Spotify Singles today (July 1) for fans to release on the platform. This track opens up with Nas’ familiar hook: 

Cordae has the honor of performing the opening verse. He uses one of Nas’ earliest projects to demonstrate the bridging of the generations, as it’s the year in which he was born: 

After re-releasing the album, Nas looked at the origins of the re-release. “Spotify pulled out a leak I did back in the 90s and asked if I was able to revive it,” he says in an official press release. It’s hard for me to remember where I recorded it, or who produced it – maybe Easy Moe Bee, he was killing the game at the time! Karl Chery from Spotify suggested we get in touch with Freddie and Cordae to bring new life to this song, and I immediately loved it.” 

Nas will celebrate the 25th anniversary of It Was Written tomorrow (July 2), co-joining the release of his new collaboration and the anniversary of his classic album. Revolt has previously reported that he is reissuing the record on the occasion of the anniversary. 

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