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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

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New EP by VanJess, titled Homegrown (Deluxe)

deluxe edition of the well-loved Homegrown EP is out today (Sept. 17) from the beloved sister duo VanJess.



A deluxe edition of the well-loved Homegrown EP is out today (Sept. 17) from the beloved sister duo VanJess. There are five new tracks in the extended version, including collaborations between Lucky Daye and TOKiMONSTA. Additionally, they have reworked the fan-favorite track “Slow Down” with a live performance visual that was unveiled before the project was made public. 

It was originally released as VanJess’ Homegrown EP, which contained nine smooth R&B numbers and features from names like Jimi Tents, Phony Ppl, Devin Morrison, and Garren. During the lead-up to the release, there was a teaser single with Garren and Jimi Tents. They released Silk Canvas, their last full-length album, last year, and they went on to release Silk Canvas (The Remixes) the following year. They released their second album, which features reimagined versions of Silk Canvas hits, and the artists who appear on the record include Saba, Bas, Xavier Omar, and Ari Lennox. In the original project, assistance was provided by Berhana, Masego, Little Simz, Leikeli47, and Goldlink. 

In addition to vanJess’s show-stopping appearances on Kito’s “Recap” track with the talented Channel Tres, vanJess has also given assistance to Gallant for his Neptune EP. 

They convey their authenticity effortlessly because it is all they know, says VanJess in a recent conversation. “We are authentic, and we do not want to appear inauthentic. We have come from this place, this is our essence, this is our soul, but we won’t exploit it,” she explains. “When we were trying to come up with our album artwork, we were inspired by the idea of what it might have been like to live in quarantine in Nigeria in the 1970s. Could you imagine how we would look, and what would we wear? “We are all Nigerian-American, and we would like to incorporate that into our aesthetics in the future.” 

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