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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Social Justice

After Alabama lawmaker used racial slur during council meeting, his wife feared for her husband’s life



A lawmaker in Alabama is being sued for hurling a racial slur at a colleague during a meeting, and his wife expresses concerns over the impact his actions will have on the rest of the family. According to Nancy Mahler Bryant who interviewed for TMZ, her family has received nearly 400 calls over the last few days threatening them and labeling them racist. The threats, she confessed, make her fear someone will attempt to kill her boyfriend, John “Tommy” Bryant, and then come after her and other relatives as well. 

Councilman Bryant, as a safety measure, is alleged to leave his home with a bulletproof vest on and to have given his wife Nancy a gun for protection. 

While his wife prefers to remain in the confines of their home, she keeps her blinds closed in order to prevent others from peeping through her window to find him. 

Alabama councilman faces calls for resignation amid a controversy after a video caught him spewing racial slurs during a council meeting Monday (July 19). A video image of the incident showed him growing up and pointing at a Black councilwoman and asking, “Do we have a hoodlum in the house?” Could she please get up?” 

It is reported that he made that demeaning comment after the Black lawmaker inquired about his wife Nancy’s frequent use of the N-word on Facebook. 

City Council member Bryant has defended his remarks, noting that he made the remarks after seeing Tarrant Mayor Wayman Newton refer to a Black council member in the same manner. 

I couldn’t let the mayor get away with it, so I made this comment so the broader community would be aware of the mayor’s style of speaking,” he explained the following evening (July 20). If I let go of it or covered it up, we wouldn’t be having this conversation today.” 

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