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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Social Justice

George Floyd foundation offers $25,000 scholarship to Fayetteville State

The George Floyd Memorial Foundation decided to give out a scholarship of $25,000 to Fayetteville State University, which is a historically Black college in North Carolina.



The George Floyd Memorial Foundation decided to give out a scholarship of $25,000 to Fayetteville State University, which is a historically Black college in North Carolina. 

On May 21, Bridgett Floyd, who is the sister of George Floyd gave out this financial gift at an emotional ceremony, a few days prior to the one-year anniversary of the tragic death of her brother. She added that she believes that it is important to make change for those near you and far away from you. She added that George Floyd hoped to do a lot in life and he did do them. However, he also couldn’t do many of them, which she hopes to do. She added that she will be his voice, his change, and will go forward with his legacy.” 

According to university officials, the money will be a seed for another George Floyd Scholarship Fund at the HBCU, which will help students in different disciplines. 

Chancellor Darryl Allison thanked the family and stated that it is a testimony that they hope to ensure that his name lives on in a very meaningful way.  

On May 25, the Floyd family hosted a celebration for paying tribute to his life, a year following his death in the hands of Minneapolis police officers. This event occurred at 38th and Chicago in South Minneapolis and entailed several activities for children, community art, an open mic session, concerts and a DJ. The ceremony will ended with a candlelight vigil held to honor Floyd where he died- outside of the Cup Foods convenience store. 

Angela Harrelson, his aunt, stated that George Floyd Square and the George Floyd Global Memorial were created by the community who wished to preserve the site o Floyd’s death.