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Friday, September 24, 2021

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Man found dead at Parchman prison will have his funeral and autopsy expenses paid for by Yo Gotti and Team Roc

Yo Gotti’s Roc Nation philanthropic arm, Team Roc, will cover Chadarion Henderson’s funeral and autopsy costs. Henderson was found dead in a Parchman prison a couple of weeks ago.



Yo Gotti’s Roc Nation philanthropic arm, Team Roc, will cover Chadarion Henderson’s funeral and autopsy costs. Henderson was found dead in a Parchman prison a couple of weeks ago. 

A 26-year-old Mississippi father of three, Henderson, was moved last month to the controversial prison to serve the rest of his sentence. However, on August 1, less than two weeks after arriving in Parchman, he was found dead. 

As per Sunflower County Coroner Heather Burton, Henderson’s death appeared to be a suicide which was initially believed to be a hanging. His mother Cheryl, on the other hand, reports that he had contacted her before he died and told her that he feared for his life in prison. Despite repeated attempts, his mother did not receive any additional information about his death. 

Henderson’s death is being investigated by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations. A doctor independent of Roc is set to conduct an autopsy on his mother so they can find out more details about his death. 

Dania Diaz, Team Roc’s managing director, said in a statement that they deserve immediate answers about Chadarion Henderson’s sudden death as a 26-year-old. This lack of transparency and accountability is appalling, and the Mississippi Department of Corrections has amounted to an average of eight deaths per month since December of 2019. I find this to be a tragedy.” 

Gotti, on the other hand, will cover the cost of Henderson’s funeral. 

“Chadarion Henderson’s unsolved death at Parchman Prison is yet another example of how the prison continues to fail to protect its inmates,” the rapper said. In my heart, I send sympathy and a wish that the Henderson family will be able to find closure. Chadarion’s funeral expenses will be covered by me, and I intend to make certain his loved ones remember him in a respectful and dignified manner.” 

In the time between December 2019 and March 2021, which is when the Mississippi Department of Corrections stopped publishing death reports, at least 52 prisoner deaths happened at Parchman. 

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