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Thursday, July 07, 2022

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The FBI is assisting in the search for missing Black 14-year-old JaShyah Moore

n the ongoing search for the missing Black teenager who was last seen last month, New Jersey State Police joined the FBI. JaShyah Moore,



Credit - Jack Young

In the ongoing search for the missing Black teenager who was last seen last month, New Jersey State Police joined the FBI. JaShyah Moore, 14, was last seen on Oct. 14 in East Orange, New Jersey at Poppie’s Deli Store on Central Avenue. According to authorities, the teenager seems to have walked into the store.

JaShyah, whose mother says she lost their EBT card when she visited the U.S. Food Market on Central Avenue that day, purchased orange juice and paper towels.

PIX 11 News reports that her mom Jamie Moore just told her to backtrack her steps.

Jamie was searching several delis on Central Avenue to locate JaShyah after she failed to return within an hour. The teenager, who is without a cellphone, was later reported to police as missing.

The only thing that could keep her away from me was me,” Jamie said. However, she would never want to leave her brother alone. I like her because she’s smart. I wouldn’t let her go out overnight. It would worry me if she went out.”

In the article, JaShyah is said to have been scheduled to testify in a domestic abuse case filed against her stepfather, Jamie’s husband, and an East Orange police officer last year.

The teen’s aunt Yolanda Moore told WPIX she saw the teenager punch her niece twice in the face. Moore added, “And this guy’s in his 30s.”. It’s unusual for him to be that tall and big.

My niece’s disappearance two weeks later is incredibly convenient and coincidental, she added.

When JaShyah was last seen, a clerk at the store where her groceries were purchased said the teenager was accompanied by a man who paid for them.

As previously reported, the Essex County prosecutors don’t believe that JaShyah’s disappearance and the domestic violence case against her stepfather are related.

Katherine Carter, Essex County Public Information Officer, told the media on Tuesday that a domestic violence case is proceeding against the defendant. According to her, the mother told the authorities that the daughter had gone missing. A case concerning a missing person is being handled by East Orange, New Jersey, local authorities. As of this point, it does not appear that the domestic violence assault and the status of the missing person are related; however, law enforcement is monitoring the situation.”

Friday (Oct. 29) marked over two weeks after the disappearance of JaShyah that the state police and FBI were investigating the case. Family members of JaShyah have posted “missing” posters with her face on social media, protesting the lack of media coverage.

My niece’s Black, native of South America,’ Yolanda told PIX 11.” She explained. In places like East Orange, where disenfranchised communities are prevalent, there is a lot of neglect of Black little girls.

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