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Wednesday, July 06, 2022

Social Justice

Vandalism occurs in New York City to the George Floyd statue

The NYPD reports that the statue of George Floyd that is residing in Union Square in New York has been vandalized.



Credit: Bruno Aguirre

The NYPD reports that the statue of George Floyd that is residing in Union Square in New York has been vandalized. In an official statement, the department explained that the statue of Floyd’s head was damaged with grey paint. The statue is approximately six feet tall and made of African mahogany plywood coated in bronze metallic paint.

In reaching out to the NYPD, they shared that the incident took place shortly after 10 a.m. on Sunday (Oct. 2). Police were able to identify a skateboarder who passed the statue early Sunday morning and threw paint all over it based on camera footage in the area. The NYPD said they are actively investigating the situation. No arrests have been made so far, but they are actively investigating. When Floyd’s statue was placed along Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn over the summer, it was also smeared with a white supremacist organization’s logo.

A former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, at the time described the new monument as “more than just a tribute to a father, son, and friend”. He was a hero to hundreds of thousands of people in Virginia, and he embodies the grief, anger, and righteous energy that caused his murder. “It’s a beacon for those who believe in the possibility of progress, and in our capability to effect it,” Cuomo said. To the neo-Nazi group that has committed this act, I say clearly: get out of our state.”

There was no dedication of the monuments to Representative John Lewis and Breonna Taylor in Union Square, which were also unveiled Friday (Oct. 1). The New York Times reported that sculptor Chris Carnabuci painted the sculptures so that if someone attempted to destroy them, they could be easily restored. His hope is that the sculptures will be spared from destruction while they are displayed in Union Square.

According to Carbanuci, the sculptures should give viewers a chance to reflect upon their own personal feelings. Carbanuci’s installation is named “#SeeInjustice”, and he feels that his job is completed if he can create a forum for discussion about it. The installation will be on display in Union Square until October 30.

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