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Wednesday, July 06, 2022


Prosecutor in Kim Potter case resigns

A prosecutor acting as the co-counsel in a case against Kim Potter, the former Brooklyn Center police officer facing manslaughter charges as she fatally shot Daunte Wright, made the decision to resign on May 24.



A prosecutor acting as the co-counsel in a case against Kim Potter, the former Brooklyn Center police officer facing manslaughter charges as she fatally shot Daunte Wright, made the decision to resign on May 24. 

Imran Ali, who was an employee at the Washington County Attorney’s Office in Minnesota for a decade, formulated a letter to his boss County Attorney Pete Orput, wherein he announced the resignation. He wrote that in the past few weeks both he and his family experienced a lot of challenges. He stated that from some, the vitriol, coupled with partisan politics by several people has made his work very challenging, he had claimed, as he wished to pursue justice. He added that there are prayers in his mind for the state and he hopes that it heals and there is an end to extreme partisan platforms. He added that there is a need to engage in thoughtful discourse that helps with unity, as opposed to impulsive and illogical talking points working towards division of people. He made this announcement just a few days following Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison’s announcement that he would act as the lead prosecutor against Potter. 

He added that Daunte Wright was a son, a brother, a father, a friend and though he didn’t seek this prosecution, he will not take it lightly. Ellison added that he has confidence in the way County Attorney Orput and County Attorney Freeman managed the case till now. He thanked County Attorney Orput for all the work that was put in by him and his office, and Ellison thanked County Attorney Freeman again as he was confidence in my office. 

Ellison stated that yet again, people in Minnesota are at a point wherein an issue with the police resulted in despair and caused us to focus.   

Currently, Potter is facing a second-degree manslaughter charge in relation to the fatal shooting. Ellison did not indicate if he plans to upgrade the charge to murder. A week ago, a tentative trial date was set by the judge as December 6. 

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